Permanent Make Up Lash Enhancement

We all know that having thicker, darker lashes gives definition to your eyes and a vibrance to your whole face, the problem is that standard make-up products can be difficult to get the right effect. So, what do you do when you want to enhance your eyes but don't have either the time or ability to apply your eye make-up every time you need it?


The answer is to save time by taking advantage of the Permanent Make Up Lash Enhancement - a relatively new procedure in the beauty industry it has become incredibly popular and highly requested. Permanent Make Up Lash Enhancer stays put with no need to inconveniently remove the make-up each night; it doesn't smudge or run; you can go swimming, to the gym or in the shower and you'll come out with your eyes looking the same as they did before.


So, how does it work?


By carefully applying pigment dots between sparse eye lashes your technician can create a fuller look.


Before the procedure you'll have a consultation with your technician and decide on the thickness of the line; then in the application the pigment is applied to the lash line (upper, lower or both) and this creates the appearance of a more open eye with a soft beautiful finish. 


This type of treatment is very good for those people who:

Want to save time
Have physical issues applying eye liner, such as shaky hands
Are allergic to traditional eye make-up
Wear contact lenses
Want to stop make-up running

Permanent Make Up Lash Enhancer can make small eyes look bigger, emphasise eye colour, and the boost appearance of fuller lashes.


If you would like more information call Natasha or complete the online form and we can discuss how you can enhance your lash line.