Its an unmistakable trend that Eyes and Eyebrows are key and knowing which is the best treatment for you can be a tricky one to work out.

With over 20 years of industry experience I can provide you with all the latest information and trends so you can make an informed desicion on the best treatments for you. 

So if you're unsure of what is suitable for you pop in for a consultation and I'll guide you through.  


Microblading - See Microblading Section

Microblading - Hair strokes

Microblading is a technique using a super-fine pen with blades to deposit pigment into skin. With a blade configuration so fine, it can create hair strokes that look as real as hair. The needles reach only into the superficial layers of the skin, this sets it apart from the traditional cosmetic tattoo.

Henna Brows - Treatment Time 45 minutes 

Using 100% natural Henna, which is totally AMONIA, LEAD and PEROXIDE Free, Henna produces a more voluptuous brow effect, safely colouring the skin and hairs with longer lasting results.The Henna Brow effect can last two to three times  longer than the normal ‘tint’ and offers a superb range of colours & tones, allowing tailor made solutions for you. 

Brow Lamination - Treatment Time: 45 minutes

Brow lamination is a process of perming the brow to straighten the hair and give them a more uniformed look.  This will enable the me to set the brows into a new shape.  As a brow artist I can create arches, extend tails, tame unruly brows and create the latest 'fluffy' brow look.  Your brows will then stay in place without  for up to 8 weeks.This is the ultimate brow solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry where the hairs follow a different pattern, with brow lamination we can realign the brows in such a way to give them the desired shape and a fuller look. Aftercare is minimal but necessary to prevent dehyrdating of the hair. 

Eyebrow Shape & Tint- TreatmentTime: 20 minutes 

High-quality eyebrow tint defines and enhances the brow. This high-quality lash tint treatment provides long-lasting, professional results and will create the illusion of fuller, thicker brows, Shaping your brow to your requirements by waxing or tweezering to give a well manicured appearance that will last between 3 and 4 weeks.

Eyebrow Shaping. Treatment Time: 15 minutes 

Shaping your brow to your requirements by waxing and /or tweezering and trimming to give a well manicured appearance that will last between 3 and 4 weeks.


If you would like more information or would like to see me to check for treament suitability, you can find my contact details on the 'About Me' section or call me on 07970 848 939

 Eyebrow Tint  £8
 Eyebrow & Eyelash Tint  £16
 Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow &   Eyelash Tint  £24
 Brow Lamination  £40
 Henna Brows  £40

see microblading section